The 52-year-old star has just released her latest record 'Disco' but admitted that if its predecessor, 2018's 'Golden' had been a critical and commercial failure, she would have been tempted to give up music for good.

Speaking to The Guardian newspaper about the album - which was recorded after her public split with actor Joshua Sasse - Kylie explained: "It was a very relatable tail-between-the-legs moment. [I wanted to] ugh, get the emotions out. When I was talking with the team, I'd say, 'If it works,' and I'd stop myself and say: 'It has to work, it has to work, I can't…'"

When asked what she would have done if it had not worked, Kylie replied: "I just would have found it really difficult. I may have felt like, well, that's my time. I don't know. Perhaps that's my use-by date, or maybe I have just lost my way. And if you really are lost, it can be hard to find your way back."

And Kylie is grateful to 'Golden' for helping her to move on and "reclaim" herself.

She explained: "I totally found my way on a personal level, making 'Golden' – it was a reclamation of self. Once I achieved that, I was able to move on and felt utterly liberated."

Meanwhile, Kylie admitted she is her own harshest critic but says her 2001 track 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head' comes close to perfection for her.

She explained: "I'm just trying to get it as good as possible. Perfect is pretty much unattainable, I think, and in hindsight can be the best and worst thing simultaneously. The song, the visuals – but I wouldn't describe it as perfect. I'd just say the planets are in a line, because it's a bit beyond you. It's greater than the sum of its parts. You've all done your best and happened to lock in really well, but I think it's Other."