James Blake has slammed those who "hound" women online after his girlfriend Jameela Jamil decided to take an extended break from Twitter.

Jamil's backing of social justice causes has made her a polarising figure on social media, prompting the actress to leave her Twitter account dormant ahead of Tuesday's U.S. election.

The star suggested the "violent" discourse caused by the event would spark anxiety and, speaking out about the online treatment of women, including his girlfriend, Blake tells Britain's NME website they are targeted for "cancellation" in a way men rarely are.

"Cancellation happens in (the) majority to women, where they get hounded off social media," he explains. "There's an intensity to the amount of vitriol that comes upon them compared to how it affects men. It's a massive problem - it's not just a healthy conversation."

Touching on her absence from Twitter, The Good Place star's current bio reads: "Have left twitter for a while due to how violent things are going to become on here after the election. If you struggle with anxiety it's ok to do the same."

Jamil has herself come under fire for her own social media faux pas - including mistakenly sharing a video of Nation of Islam hate preacher Louis Farrakhan on Instagram with an admiring caption, a post she quickly deleted.

Blake says, however, that the important thing is not making errors on public platforms, but trying to learn from them.

"The internet is a scary place to do your learning," the Limit to Your Love hitmaker adds.

"If you can learn in public and show you understand you were wrong to say something, that takes courage. We should all be listening to each other."