Kylie Minogue had to record her new album Disco in a makeshift home studio made from a duvet and blankets.

The Aussie pop star started recording her new disco-themed LP before the Covid-19 pandemic, but like much of the world she had to adapt to working from home due to lockdown restrictions.

For Kylie, that meant building a home studio using anything she had to hand to block out stray sounds as she put the final vocals on tracks.

"I probably got the best part of six weeks in the studio and then (because of the lockdown) had to keep working from home," she tells U.K. chat show host Graham Norton on Friday's show.

"We got some professional gear in, but I had to set it up, so I gave myself an engineer credit on the album! I had to use a clothes rack, blankets and a duvet - a home studio sounds far more glamorous than it is!"

Speaking about the inspiration behind the album, she said it came from her childhood and her decision to theme a part of her performances on her Golden Tour around legendary New York disco nightclub Studio 54.

"I guess I was 10 in 1978 and was obsessed with ABBA and I would play my parents albums over and over again and disco became part of me as a kid," Kylie adds. "I felt the pull on the Golden Tour and our fantasy version of Studio 54. I loved it and that was when the seed was sown to head back to the disco."

Disco is out now.