Daryl Hall thinks 'You Make My Dreams' is an "antidote" to the current state of the world.

The 74-year-old music star has recently seen Hall & Oates' 1980 love song pass the landmark of one billion streams, and he thinks it remains as relevant now as ever before.

He explained: "The song is certainly an antidote to the uncertainty of the world we live in now.

"It still feels very current to me because I’ve been playing the song for all these years. Time really doesn’t play a big factor in the way I look at anything really, but especially music.

"I remember writing the song, sitting in my apartment in New York City. I had a Yamaha CP 30 piano, which is a very distinctive sounding electric piano. And I started playing that riff, it just spoke to me."

Daryl - who co-founded the group in 1970 alongside John Oates - claims that the hit song "wrote itself".

He continued: "It just sounded really on point and aggressive and happy. And I just started singing, ‘You make my dreams come true’, over it.

"I wondered if it was too happy? Could I think of something a little more complicated? And I tried but it is what it is. It really just wrote itself."

Hall & Oates were the biggest rock-pop duet on the planet in the 80s, and Daryl admits that the decade was a "whirlwind" for him.

He told The Sun newspaper: "Everything in the 80s was extreme in hairstyles, clothing and colours. It was all very in your face.

"Most of the 80s was a whirlwind to me. There was a lot of activity - we were working all the time, travelling the world and in the eye of a hurricane. There wasn’t much time to be introspective, which is unusual for me.

"So late 80s I jumped off the train and calmed myself down. It was a whirlwind."