Singer Madison Beer uses her childhood toys as a "coping mechanism" whenever panic attacks strike.

The Selfish hitmaker recently moved into a new house in Los Angeles and admitted there were only two items she worried might get lost in transit - because they keep her mental health on track.

"For my whole life I've had a unicorn and rabbit, little stuffed animals on my bed forever," she tells Kelly Clarkson on her daytime talk show. "I always tell my friends: 'If my house is burning down, that is what to get. Get the stuffed animals. I don't care about anything else.'"

But Madison's love for the toys, named Alison and Bunny, is about more than nostalgia.

"This is a healthy coping mechanism that I've come up," she explains, of keeping her spirits up during 2020's coronavirus pandemic.

"It goes into the mental health conversation because these are the things that, when I'm having an anxiety attack, supply me with comfort, they make me feel better. Whatever that placebo might be, it does make me feel better - and my friends all know that."

Alison and Bunny survived the move to her new pad - because Madison made sure to keep the pair safe in her handbag.

"I guard them...," she adds. "They're the loves of my life. My lifeline."