George Ezra has moved back to his family home ahead of England's second national lockdown.

The Shotgun hitmaker spent the last lockdown alone and, determined not to be caught out again ahead of Thursday's second round of national measures, has now moved out of his London flat to return to his family home in Hertfordshire.

"It's been another brilliant week and also, the thing I can't overlook is the moving back home and still seeing people I love, which makes a big difference," he said.

Speaking on his Phone A Friend podcast, the star admitted he loves being at home and, through the years, has spent long periods behind closed doors for a variety of reasons.

"Three or four years ago there was a trend of people dressing up as clowns in public and scaring people," he recalled.

"I didn't leave the house for two months. I hated it. I just thought, 'Who is that fun for?'" Ezra divulged.

"Then scary films. I remember being at friends' houses in groups when I was about 14, 15, and they would be like, 'Let's watch a scary film'. I used to have to say, 'I might have to go home'," he explained.

"I remember that happening more than once," he added.

Ezra shared he had also been spooked by Harry Potter movies in the past.

"I went to watch the first Harry Potter for my little brother's birthday and I had a recurring nightmare for two weeks that they were putting Voldemort's face on my head, but in my family kitchen, and they'd go, 'It's your turn', and it would be welded on to the back of my head," he recollected.