Oli Sykes has admitted rock music is in trouble as it’s struggling to chart against rappers like Drake and moshing “doesn’t lend itself to being socially distanced”.

The Bring Me The Horizon frontman has previously spoken of the battle the genre faces against the hip-hop world when it comes to charts and streaming.

And now he has insisted rappers have taken over as the new pop, and confessed that he can’t remember the last time a rock song “dominated” the airwaves.

Speaking to Music Week magazine, the ‘Obey’ rocker said: “Go back 20 years and contemporary rock songs were pop.

“It was like hip-hop is now. If there’s a big superhero movie now, they go to hip-hop artists, whereas it always used to be rock or alternative artists. Back in the day, rock songs were every bit as likely to be the next No.1 as a pop song, maybe even more so at one point. You just don’t get that.

“What was the last rock song that dominated playlists and the radio?

“I can’t even think of anything. There are still plenty of bands performing well but the problem is, most rock artists can’t even stand up to Drake’s fourth week, let alone his first.”

And with proper live gigs off amid the coronavirus pandemic, Oli admitted it won’t be possible to have the full rock concert experience until social distancing measures are lifted.

He aded: “[Not being able to play live] is the s******* thing for sure.

“But how is it going to happen when the planet is this way? Ten thousand people all moshing, jumping and running into each other … If someone wanted to come up with the best way to spread coronavirus, it would be a metal concert. If I wanted to whine about something – and I don’t, because I’m grateful for everything I’ve got – it’s that a rock concert just doesn’t lend itself to being socially distanced.”