Selena Gomez and U.S. vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris bonded over lupus during a Zoom chat on Thursday, which Selena posted to her Instagram account.

The singer and actress underwent a kidney transplant in 2017 to help her battle the systemic autoimmune disease and Senator Harris' sister, Maya, is also a sufferer.

The odd couple teamed up to talk about the importance of voting in next week's U.S. general election and the chat got personal as Harris opened up about her sister's health battle, explaining: "Women of colour tend to get it."

"Getting help is something that people need to get. It's important to me," Harris went on, asking Selena to work with her to improve mental health care.

Selena wrote alongside the footage from the call: "Here is a clip of us discussing the importance of voting and supporting people with mental health issues... There is too much on the line this election for anyone to sit on the sidelines."

She stressed that it was urgent for U.S. citizens to take part in the election: "We all must use our voices and vote. Vote EARLY, vote safely and try to vote in person or drop your ballot in a dropbox (that’s what I did and it couldn’t have been any easier)."