Kelly Jones has reimagined Stereophonics hits for his new solo album, 'Don’t Let The Devil Take Another Day’.

The 'Maybe Tomorrow' group's frontman is set to release the 21-track collection, which is comprised of 18 stripped-back renditions of the Welsh rockers' songs, two tracks from Kelly's 2007 solo LP 'Only the Names Have Been Changed', and his spin on Kris Kristofferson’s classic ‘Help Me Make It Through The Night’, on December 4.

What's more, the 46-year-old musician has created a documentary of the same name, in which he details for the first time his own secret personal turmoil.

As per a press release, the film tells the untold story of a "remarkable personal recovery from Kelly, who whilst touring in 2019 kept a secret from his band, crew and producers - a revelation that had threatened to undermine his career and future music making."

The documentary will premiere at ‘The Doc n Roll Festival’ on November 4, before hitting cinemas around the UK on November 27.

Director Ben Lowe said: "I've been to hundreds of gigs in my life – shooting with my camera or purely as a fan – but I'd never experienced a show quite like Kelly's on this tour. You recognise there's something pretty special happening on-stage if the performances, and the stories he was telling between them, can make an audience laugh and cry on the same night.

"I wanted to make this documentary feel as truthful and heartfelt as Kelly's shows. I knew it would be beautiful to hear these songs in a theatre, but I was really blown away. After the tour when Kelly told me about his first few months of the year, I felt inspired by the courage and honesty of it all.”

The track-listing for 'Don't Let The Devil Take Another Day' is:

1. 'Hurry Up And Wait'
2. 'You’re My Star'
3. 'Suzy'
4. 'Katie'
5. 'I Wanna Get Lost With You'
6. 'Help Me Make It Through The Night'
7. 'I Stopped To Fill My Car Up'
8. 'Before Anyone Knew Our Name'
9. 'Mr Writer'
10. 'Rewind'
11. 'Local Boy In The Photograph'
12. 'Feel'
13. 'Into The World'
14. 'This Life Ain’t Easy (But It’s The One That We All Got)'
15. 'Boy On A Bike'
16. 'No-one’s Perfect'
17. 'Show Me How'
18. 'Maybe Tomorrow'
19. 'Traffic'
20. 'Just Looking'
21. 'Dakota'