Selena Gomez is determined to make her "vote count" after confessing it's her first time participating in a U.S. election.

The Wolves hitmaker, 28, has been imploring fans to hit the polls ahead of the election on 3 November and, speaking on the recent Voting Power Hour livestream event, the singer insisted she's "not ashamed to say" that this will be her first time.

Confirming she voted via a mail-in ballot as she is unable to go in-person this year, Selena explained: "I'm going to say that, because I've never felt - and this is so true, and I'm now admitting it to people - like my vote counts. Every vote counts. Some people get in their head, and they're like, 'Oh, well what does it matter?'”

Selena says she has been putting all her energy into encouraging people to get involved in the presidential election.
"My main focus has been this right now," the Rare hitmaker continued. "You can tell on my social media and everything, obviously, I'm super invested in this right now. It's been good. I feel hopeful."

Last week, Selena shared a photo on Instagram after she had voted, with the caption: “Just finished filling out my ballot!”

She also called actor Timothee Chalamet via livestream on Instagram over the weekend as he was standing in line at Madison Square Garden in New York to cast his vote.

“It’s really moving to see this many people show up,” Timothee said as he showed the long line of people waiting to vote. “It feels like people are motivated.”