Angus Young silently communicates with his late brother and bandmate Malcolm whenever he performs with AC/DC.

Malcolm passed away in 2017, three years after he was forced to step down from the group, after a battle with dementia.

However, Angus still feels the rhythm guitarist's presence when he rocks out, particularly during recording sessions for the band's new album, Power Up.

"I still think he's there when I'm playing. It sounds funny, but I can still feel him communicating to me when I'm playing guitar," the lead guitarist told music website NME.

The late musician was rumoured to be playing on tracks on Power Up, speculation the band quashed, but Angus insists it's still very much his brother's album.

"This album was guided by Malcolm's vision," he said.

"(Malcolm) was there from the beginning, and he's the guy that gave me a role in this band," he reflected.

Returning frontman Brian Johnson, who missed the group's last world tour due to hearing loss, agreed.

Paying tribute to AC/DC's co-founder, Brian shared: "With Malcolm, you've got to go back to the beginning when he turned to Angus and said, 'C'mon, we've got to start a band - there's too much soft music around. I wanna play some rock 'n' roll!'"

Brian added: "He was uncompromising in his ethic. If it wasn't rock 'n' roll, Malcolm didn't care for it. He's left us - but he's still there! In the studio and in everything he did. We're all very aware of that."