Stevie Nicks was left with "compromised lungs" following a bout of double pneumonia, which sent her to the hospital after her 2019 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction.

The music icon made Hall of Fame history last year as she became the first woman to be inducted twice - first for her work with Fleetwood Mac in 1998, and then for her solo success.

However, Nicks confessed she wasn't able to fully enjoy herself at the Brooklyn, New York ceremony because she knew "something was wrong" before she took the stage to perform a medley of hits, alongside special guests Don Henley and Harry Styles.

Nicks didn't seek medical help until she was in Philadelphia the following day - and she ended up spending a week in the intensive care unit.

"I have compromised lungs. I was really sick last year," Nicks told Variety.

She went on to explain that she wound up in the ICU for a week with double pneumonia, human metapneumovirus (a respiratory condition) and asthma.

"Talk about your oxygen levels going down; my oxygen levels were hardly existing," Nicks divulged.

Nicks has since recovered, but her lungs have never been the same since - and she has been extra cautious during the coronavirus crisis because she knows it could prove deadly if she contracts COVID-19.

"If I get it'll kill me," she shared.

Nicks is also cautioned her fans to take the virus very seriously, adding: "All the other side effects that come along with this virus... you may get over it and just be like, 'Great, great. I'm good. It's gone'. It's not gone. It comes back in little ways to attack you forever. You'll never get rid of it. So you don't want to get it."