The last time Lizzo hung out with her mentor Prince at his Paisley Park recording complex in Minneapolis, he teared up as he performed Purple Rain on the piano.

The Truth Hurts hitmaker, who befriended Prince towards the end of his life, had no idea he was struggling with pain and pills when she spent a final evening with him.

"He started crying while playing it," she said during an appearance on David Letterman's Netflix show My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.

"It was the most beautiful sound you've ever heard. The piano had strings and violins, and I was like, 'Whoa, where are these sounds coming from?' And his voice was so beautiful, and then he wept, and it was so beautiful."
Lizzo continued: "And then (Prince) was like, 'I really gotta work on my setlist... I can't put that so early in the set'. Purple Rain moved him so much, but I didn't think anything was wrong. I just had never seen so much emotion from him."

Lizzo had just moved to Los Angeles when she heard that Prince had died at Paisley Park in April 2016, and she jetted back to perform his song The Beautiful Ones as part of a tribute show at First Avenue in Minneapolis.

During her chat with Letterman, Lizzo also revealed she treats her depression and anxiety with magic mushrooms.

"I always microdose," she explained.

"I break off, like, the smallest possible nugget, like a crumb, and then I eat that first, because I don't wanna just dive in and go down the rabbit hole," she elaborated.

Asked how mushrooms make her feel, she added: "You get real settled. You get happy. You reject artificial things. Sometimes technology kind of challenges you, and you're like, 'Wait a minute, I was here first. How you gonna tell me what to do?'"