Stevie Nicks would have "loved" to be a film editor after learning all about the job on her latest project, 24 Karat Gold: The Concert.

The Fleetwood Mac star's new concert movie is hitting theatres for two nights only on Wednesday and Sunday of this week and, in an interview with Rolling Stone, Nicks revealed that, amid the pandemic, she travelled to Chicago to finalise the film.

Nicks worked closely with director Joe Thomas on the project, which was recorded back in 2017 on the star's solo world tour.

After spending weeks in the studio selecting shots, she admitted: "I think I'm really good at it (editing)... The fact is that if I don't like a shot, it's not going in!"

Musing: "Had I not been a singer and had the accidental grace to have been thrown into a situation where I was watching somebody else edit a rock and roll film of another band that had girls in it, I would've said, 'I love this'," Nicks reflected she now felt empowered to make editing judgement calls, adding: "Because you know why? I could've made it better."

Despite the long days, the Gypsy star is proud of the finished film and is particularly fond of a frame of herself and longtime collaborator and musical director Waddy Wachtel.

"I find shots that nobody else would look for," she explained of the moment, where the camera was pointed over her drummer's shoulder. "Nobody else would've thought to look at it, and it's this amazing picture of me and Waddy standing and looking straight at each other, you see the relationship that he and I have had since I first met him in 1971."