Jessie J has confirmed she's ended her on-off relationship with Channing Tatum and is single again.

The Price Tag singer posted an eye-popping video of herself twerking on Instagram on Tuesday, and in the caption revealed she now regards herself as a singleton - despite her stop-start relationship with the Magic Mike star, who she got together with in 2018.

She wrote: "What my pupils are actually doing while I calmly stare at you trying to get a quick read on your energy...Single life in a pandemic is."

The former couple first hooked up following Channing's split from ex-wife Jenna Dewan. They have broken up and got back together multiple times since, most recently splitting in April, before reuniting as a couple the following month.

At the time of the split, a source told British newspaper The Sun that Channing's need to be in Los Angeles to see his daughter Everly, seven, made conducting a transatlantic relationship tricky.

The singer seemingly plans to open up about her romance on her upcoming album on the track Simply Be In Love.

She said of the tune: "I wrote this song about when you first meet someone and you want to steam ahead. Sometimes running can ruin a foundation that a relationship needs, which is to just be chill, stay still and enjoy the moment."