The 26-year-old star has become "desensitised" to sexualised rap music and has cited the backlash to Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's 'WAP' hit as an example of the double standard.

She said: "Maybe I’m just desensitised to it but we’ve been hearing music like this for years now. We’ve been hearing men speak about women like this for years.

"The language that’s used might be different but we’ve been hearing pop music, rock music speak about sex for years and I just think it’s sad that black women are held to a different standard or are held way more accountable than our counterparts have been."

The singer thinks black artists need to work harder in order to receive recognition for their talents.

Asked whether black women are respected in music, she told "Definitely not. The issue is that when there’s not equality, people are held to different standards.

"And I think that’s clear in the music industry where black women have to be extremely excellent, three times as good to be given the same recognition that their counterparts do, that’s number one.

"Number two, the sad thing is when we do the same thing that our counterparts do, it’s not looked at in the same way. I had a discussion with somebody about how black music and black women or female rappers and the sexualisation of us."

The music star explained that the likes of Madonna have previously been held to a different standard.

She said: "[It’s] looked at as tasteful when Madonna wears a cone bra and nothing else or wears lingerie on-stage, it’s art or fashion."