Paris Hilton led a peaceful protest outside her old Utah boarding school on Friday in her continued efforts to have the institution shut down.

The socialite and DJ has been campaigning for the closure of Provo Canyon School, which focuses on the behavioural and mental development of students, after claiming she was physically and mentally abused by staff at the facility when she spent almost a year there at the age of 17.

Hilton recently opened up about the trauma she allegedly suffered in her YouTube documentary, This Is Paris, and started a petition demanding the place be closed for good.

More than 125,000 people have since backed the cause, and on Friday, Hilton boarded a private jet to Utah to join forces with other alleged victims and stage a demonstration for the #BreakingCodeSilence movement.

A few hours before she left her Los Angeles home for the protest, she told news show Good Morning America, "Today we are going to be going to Utah with hundreds of other survivors.

"When I was there, I was physically, psychologically, emotionally abused on a daily basis, so I'm using my platform to make a difference so this doesn't happen to any other children."

Among those who have praised Hilton for her campaign was celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D, who revealed this week that she also attended the "torturous" school, where she was "locked up for half a year, without ever seeing the sun" when she was just 15.

Paris Jackson, the daughter of the late Michael Jackson, also came forward, revealing she has suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of her experience at a similar school.

Officials at Provo Canyon have attempted to distance themselves from the abuse allegations, explaining the facility was placed under new ownership in August, 2000 and they therefore "cannot comment on the operations or patient experience prior to this time".