On the latest Smallzy’s surgery, Smallzy caught up with Shawn Mendes. Shaun answers his top fan questions; ever wondered what Shawn Mendes smells like or what his favourite snacks are – now you know!

Smallzy “What time do you go to bed at night?”
Shawn Mendes “This is where I’m going to sound a little weird, I go to bed around 830pm to 930pm is my time, such a grandpa time. I’ve turned into a Nanna in these Covid times”

Smallzy “What’s your fitness regime, have you been able to go to the gym and stay fit?”
Shawn Mendes “No gym time, I’ve been doing workouts at home, I do a lot of yoga. I’ve been doing way more yoga these days.”

Smallzy “What’s your favourite snack?
Shawn Mendes “My favourite snack right now is guacamole and chips, that’s for sure!”

Smallzy “What do you smell like? What fragrance that Shawn Mendes use?”
Shawn Mendes “My armpit when I work out, that’s just like natural body. If that’s what you’re into it smells great. Yeah I wear this cologne from a place it’s called, Endymion?”

Shawn Mendes on his new long haircut ‘Camila loves it’
Shawn Mendes “At first it was a Covid cut. And then all of a sudden I was like “I don’t mind this”, then Camila said that I had to keep growing it and then when your girlfriend says she likes hair, you don’t change it.

Smallzy “Did it go through that really hideous stage where it’s absolutely, you can’t do anything with it and don’t know if you can push through with it?”
Shawn Mendes “Yeah I was in that stage for a couple months and it was great because every day I walk up around the block and there was paparazzi taking photos of me. I had a headband on because I was like there’s no way I’m going to get away from this bad phase.