The 61-year-old rocker reunited with both the ‘Mountain Song' hitmakers and his other band, Porno for Pyros, during lockdown for a livestream event in place of the cancelled Lollapolooza festival and while he is open to working with both again, he can't see them making a full record together.

Asked if there will ever be another Jane's Addiction album, he told Uncut magazine: "I don't see albums. I just see working on music song to song, with different collaborators.

"Would I work with the Porno guys again? In a heartbeat. Same goes with Jane's.

"We're all friends, even Eric [Avery]. I know people think Eric and I don't like each other but I recently reached out to Eric and we talked about art and music and family. So yeah, I'm almost friends with everybody again."

The veteran musician admitted he regrets "wasting” decades on his drug addiction because although he had a great time, he could have been more creatively fulfilled.

Asked if he has any regrets, he said: "Honestly, I wish that I was not so f***** up because I wasted years. I could have done more. I enjoyed myself, it was wild.

"But now that I look at the professional side of my life, I wish I'd have put even 20 of those years into something more productive.

"The mystics say when you have a vice -sex addict, drunk, doper, doesn't matter - it takes you on average 40 years to overcome your addiction. And they're right in my case."

And while Perry still occasionally dabbles with intoxicants, he never goes too far.

He explained: "Drugs are not overrated but they are definitely abused. I like to have a drink or two and smoke some weed and on occasion do psychedelics.

"I liked ecstasy when I was DJing but I quickly went from one pill to four or five pills and then I felt like I had holes in my brain, so I had to take a break from it!

"I'm quite interested in microdosing on mushrooms. God put on this earth all these plants - the pharmacopoeia - if we need a little stimulation. Heroin is all right, but then you go and get addicted and that sucks. Now that I'm 61, I have to have a nice balance in my life.

"I've got a family I have to take care of. So I can get out there sometimes, but not as much as I did. And I've found that I'm more creative than I gave myself credit for - I didn't have to be that f***** up."