In this week’s episode of Agenda Ray chats to producer and artist Nana Rogues about what his lockdown was like, producing Ray's forthcoming album and the differences between working as an artist and a producer.

Nana Rogues on lockdown...

'To be fair, lockdown, obviously lockdown's kind of been crazy for everyone. But on the sly, when it first began, I was just still dipping studio. I was still going studio on my ones, just getting these beats in. Sessions have slowed down. That's number one, that's one thing that's kind of hit us on the music side. But other than that, I still been making beats, I've got the studio. So it hit me, but it hasn't hit me that much. And I'm a loner as well. You can just be by yourself and just literally make, work on your career by yourself with no one around, make beats, and just send them out. It's very in our favour, this time really, for producers.'

Nana Rogues on producing Ray BLK's forthcoming album...

'I'm not going to lie, it was hell. No, I'm joking. I'm joking. I'm joking. It was amazing. Amazing, like. Ray, you know, I'm a big fan of yours from time, from time. And voice, your voice is amazing. Very easy to work with. You're open to ideas. I can give you ideas. We can bounce off each other. The music ultimately was amazing. I had a good time in, obviously in LA as well, working. It was great. And then the sound that we're going for, I feel like people are going to be excited, man, to hear it. I can't wait for them to hear it because, I haven't heard you on this kind of, this sounding music prior to your recent stuff. So it's very exciting times, man. You got fire on the way though. We got fire on the way, you got to let them know that.'

Nana Rogues on working as an artist vs as a producer...

'It's kind of different for me because this is more me, this is more personal. And I tend to pick beats that I feel like people wouldn't go for themselves, if that makes sense? And I have more time to sit with it and I have more time to like be free. There's no pressures. So it's a bit different. The process is a bit different. But it's easier to make a song because when I make beats for other people or beats in general, I always have melodies in my head.'