Jason Derulo celebrates every time he gets another million TikTok followers by having a "milli-meal" - an outlandish dinner featuring bizarre ingredients.

The 30-year-old singer has become one of the most successful celebrity users of TikTok, and makes thousands of dollars each time he posts on the app.

He recently topped 35 million followers, and marked the occasion with what has become a tradition.

"Every time I get another million followers, I eat what I call a 'milli-meal'," he smiled during an interview with Britain's Sunday Times newspaper. "They’re these really outlandish dinners and desserts like cotton-candy sandwiches."

But sharing so much of his life has its downsides, as Jason explained: "My most popular video is of me trying to smack my girlfriend’s ass, but because she knows me so well, she stops me. It has 130 million views, which is crazy. I’ve realised there’s not really a line between what’s private and personal now."

As well as his singing career, Jason also branched out into acting, and appeared in Tom Hooper's movie adaptation of the musical Cats last year.

However, while the film had a stellar cast, it was universally panned by critics, with Jason sighing of his involvement: "It didn’t pan out the way I thought it would. I knew it’d either be thought of as genius or crazy. That’s the risk you take."