The DJ spoke to Fleur East and James Barr on Hits Radio about Sia, making music in lockdown and enjoying the anonymity that comes with face masks

On his new single with Sia: "It was in the middle of confinement (lockdown) and everyone was so depressed, and I was watching the news, I was like okay I need to stop watching the news…I texted Sia and said, 'we need to save the world like superheroes! We need to make a happy song…And because she’s such a genius she took my little text message and made a song in 24 hours, it was really crazy.”

He spoke about a possible album with Sia: "That would be amazing! That is actually a really good idea, because we've made so many records together, it would make a lot of sense. She makes it really easy you know. She’s such a genius."

On the benefits of working in lockdown: “We’re all very different right, a lot of artist hate it, I personally, I love it. For me it’s been giving amazing results because we don’t have to rent a studio and feel the pressure of like ‘oh I’m with some big artist some big producers or big writers, I need to deliver a hit record’, you know, you’re from home you’re going to be 2-3 hours on Zoom, if it works it works, if it doesn’t it’s no big deal.”

On wearing a face mask: “It’s funny because, I’m French as you can probably hear and when I’m in France for me it’s a little bit difficult because people have known me for so many years and recognise me in the street and everything. I was like woah I can go to the market in a small village and no one knows me! This is amazing! I went to the supermarket to do grocery shopping and I was like this is really nice actually.”

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