Robbie Williams has relocated his family to Switzerland in a bid to avoid the coronavirus pandemic.

The former Take That star revealed he's living halfway up a mountain after leaving his Malibu, California pad.

"I’m somewhere in Switzerland up a mountain," the 46-year-old told BBC Radio host Steve Wright.

He explained: "I’m a bit neurotic and I thought, 'Where can I place myself where it (COVID-19) won’t get me?' And I thought, 'Well, I’ll just live up the Mont Blanc for six months'."

The Angels singer divulged he is glad he made the move with his wife Ayda Field and their kids.

"It’s really lovely," he added.

However, Williams also insisted he's looking forward to getting back to work.

"The performing arts is suffering greatly because of it (coronavirus) and, on a personal note from me, I’m so grateful to do what I do for a living and can’t wait to get back to work and start performing again," he said, admitting that although he was grateful for the downtime, he couldn't wait to get back on stage.

"I'm loving my time with my family, I’m loving my time with my wife, I’ve got four kids, it’s joyous - but I’m chomping at the bit now to leave the house and do what I do for a living and what I love," he professed.