The emo group's rhythm guitarist and backup vocalist has opened up about how daunting it was when the 'Welcome to the Black Parade' hitmakers walked away from the band in 2013, after more than a decade together, because he had felt "defined" by MCR.

Frank - who joined the band in 2002, a year after brothers Gerard and Mikey Way, and Ray Toro formed the band - had no idea what he'd do next when they broke up, but was glad of the "closure".

Speaking in an interview with guitar makers Ernie Ball, he admitted: "When My Chem ended, it was a feeling a closure on that but also, at the same time, this panic sets in because you have done something for so long and it almost defined you.

"There's comfort in that, but there's also this feeling of, 'Oh my god, well now what do you do? Who are you?' If that didn't actually define you, what do you do now? It's a scary, scary time."

But without going through that "scary" period, he may have never launched his side project, Frank Iero and The Future Violents.

He added: "I feel like the things that scare me are the things I gravitate towards.

"I love doing that s***. Like if it scares the s***out of me then I have to do it. I ended up learning so much more about myself and what I can accomplish by doing those things."

MCR were set to perform a number of comeback concerts this year after making their long-awaited return in Los Angeles last year.

However, the band have been forced to delay their plans due to the ongoing health crisis, with shows in the UK, New Zealand, Australia and Japan, and North America, affected.

The 'Helena' rockers' US run was due to kick off their run in Detroit, Michigan on September 9 and continue until mid October, but the comeback shows were pushed back 12 months.

In a statement, the band said: "As a band, we are deeply aware of the profound problems and crucial issues the world is facing right now.

"These issues are all life-changing, and we have them in the forefront of our minds on a regular basis. All of our focus should be on making the world better in every way we can.

"We would never want to distract from the challenges we are facing right now, but we feel it is the right thing to let people know that we have rescheduled our shows, so that we can offer people a refund on tickets in these difficult financial times."