Robbie Williams is considering remaking his controversial 'Rock DJ' music video to mark its 20th anniversary.

The 'Angels' hitmaker has come up with an idea to recreate the promo for the 2000 mega-hit to mark the milestone, according to the video's director, Vaughan Arnell.

The original saw the former Take That star strip down to just his racy tiger printed pants to impress a lady.

However, the 46-year-old pop star took the flirting to extreme levels by removing his skin and muscles so he resembled a skeleton, which didn't go down well with some.

Despite the full music video not being aired on MTV, the song itself was crowned the British Single of the Year, and the promo won British Video of the Year at the 2001 BRIT Awards.

Now, the director has told "Rob’s got an idea actually about him coming back to remake it. It’s quite funny.

I can’t tell you what it is but there’s talk about reshooting it in a really funny way."

On what inspired the tiger pants, Vaughan continued: "Do you remember in the old days there was an advert, I think it was for Esso, and it said, 'Put a tiger in your tank'?. They used to do a little tiger tail and that’s where I got the idea from, to put a tiger in Robbie’s tank basically.’"

The team filmed for five days to complete the final cut and it was back-breaking work.

When asked if he kept any of the props as a keepsake, the filmmaker said: "I took a bad back home! Basically to film it we were on a golf trolley. We had the camera on the back of it and then we were going around on a golf trolley. So just going round and round all day, you’re just like leaning over like that.

"I should have taken something though, I’ve never stolen from my videos."

All they have left over from filming is "about five hours of girls on their knees crawling around as they learned how to roller skate".