Rapper Azealia Banks is sporting a bold new look after shaving off her hair and joking she's had a "Britney Spears moment".

The 212 star took to her Instagram Stories timeline over the weekend and shared a series of videos showing her in the process of giving herself a buzzcut.

"I'm about to have my Britney Spears moment," she quipped, referencing the Toxic hitmaker's infamous breakdown, during which she shaved her head bald. "I feel like Britney b**ch on some 2007 s**t. I'm going to shave my head, b**ch, just to feel fresh again."

Banks explained Covid-19 concerns in hair salons had prompted her new styling decision.

"The way these coronavirus cases are going around, I'm very scared to have someone take care of my natural hair," she shared. "I'm going to keep a baldie and I'm going to rock my wigs."

Wielding a pair of clippers, she revealed she was going to "get real drunk" before buzzing off her locks on camera.

"I'm about to be bald like Seal in this b**ch," she remarked. "I'm really about (to) give a kiss to a rose, b**ch."

And Banks appeared to be enjoying the simplicity of her new appearance.

Shortly after the hair makeunder, she returned to Instagram to tell followers: "I just took my first baldie shower and I'm sitting here thinking that was the most rejuvenating thing I've ever felt in my life. I'm about to be bald for f**king ever. That was the best shower I've ever taken in my f**king life."