Brandy Norwood has put her 'entire heart and soul' into her new album - her first in eight years.

After releasing Two Eleven in 2012, the R&B superstar went on an eight-year musical hiatus, during which she told USA Today she "completely evolved as a human being (and) as a woman."

"Growing up in this business and just going through life, in general, I feel like I'm a very solid person," she shared, "I know a lot but then I don't know a lot."

Brandy's personal development is reflected in the record, titled B7, which she claims to be her most personal album yet.

"This is a very heartfelt album," she reflected, "I love the body of work. I like the story it tells. I feel like it's something where people can really just press play."

The record, which features lead single Baby Mama, featuring Chance the Rapper, and Brandy's personal favourite Borderline - which she described as 1998 hit "Angel In Disguise on steroids," was due for release earlier this year, but was pushed to 31 July due to the Covid-19 crisis.

However, Brandy refused to delay the release again, insisting: "People need music right now... There's nothing like music right now."