The Vamps took a break because they were worried about boredom and burnout.

The group - comprised of Bradley Simpson, Tristan Evans, Connor Ball and James McVey - enjoyed a short hiatus before returning with new single 'Married In Vegas' this year and James believes it saved them from breaking up.

He told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: "It was getting to a point where it was turning into a conveyer belt.

"We loved what we were doing but it was about making sure that we weren't going to burnout. We needed to live a little bit.

"Last year we had a moment where we wanted to take some time apart just to see what would happen and we naturally gravitated back together, which was nice as I imagine a lot of bands after nine years of touring probably don't ever come back."

The group - who have been together since 2012 - decided to write their new album together, without outside influences, and they all reunited at an Airbnb to work on the record.

James explained: "It's taking those risks that are really important for us and Brad always says you need to get bored before realising what you want.

"We're more invested in the music and we're really excited to get back on the road and tour it."