Nicholas Braun has launched his musical career with the release of debut single Antibodies.

After picking up his first Emmy Award nomination earlier this week, the Succession actor, who plays Greg Hirsch in the show, released his first-ever single.

Braun told Zane Lowe on Apple Music he had to find the right moment to release his work, and give it an appropriate tone.

"It can't just be super funny or to get people's attention because it's about antibodies and everybody's saying that word right now," he shared.

Adding that the song was inspired by life in 'quarantine' in Los Angeles, where he spent the COVID-19 crisis in a house full of his friends, Braun continued: "They were doing a full lockdown deal and they were like, 'You should be really careful about going out and talking to people.'"

Braun admitted he tested the idea of going on a date but was discouraged by his housemates: "They were like... 'Don't do that. Don't do that. Don't be near a person'," he explained.

The inspiration for the song came from there: "I think my brain just started turning like, what would make this okay? Or what would allow me to go on a social distance walk with somebody? And maybe it's the antibodies."

The star went on to insist he's serious about launching a career as a credible musical artist, confessing: "It's been a dream of my whole life. I mean, I've been singing as long as I can remember. I loved being in choir in first grade. I mean, I was obsessed with learning songs from a young age."