On Nova 96.9’s Fitzy & Wippa we spoke with pop legend, Ronan Keating. Ronan gushes over baby daughter Coco although he says the coronavirus restrictions made the birth experience “bizarre”. He tells a moving story about writing a song with Robbie Williams dedicated to their bandmate Stephen who passed away in 2009 and says the reason Boyzone has lasted the distance compared to other bands is their grounded Irish upbringing and their ma’s giving them “a clip round the ear”.

On the birth of daughter Coco (4 months)
Ronan Keating “She’s gorgeous lads, she’s absolutely beautiful!”
Wippa “We were having babies around the same time, I think with the Corona restrictions I was the only one who was allowed to visit Lisa in hospital. No one else could go, how did you go with Storm?”
Ronan Keating “It was unique, it was bizarre to be honest. But it was beautiful, it was just Storm and I in the hospital with the bubba so it was a bit weird to not have the other kids there. It’s a weird time, the world is a mad place right now it’s bananas”

On Collaborating with Robbie Williams in honour of bandmate Stephen Gatley who passed away
Ronan Keating “Stephen Gatley passed away 10 years ago, last October we were celebrating his life, the boys and I just hanging out and Rob emailed me that night to say “Ro, I have this song that I wrote the week that he passed away, I wrote this song about Stephen. I’d love you to have it or hear it, whatever you want to do with it”. I mean I’m standing there with kitchen with tears in my eyes listening to this song, I said we’ve got to do something! Rob said “let’s do it”. It was pretty amazing, he’s a dear friend, I’m a big fan and to get the chance to work together is very special!”

Why has Boyzone lasted the distance
Sarah “Why do you think you guys last the distance but other groups can’t?”
Ronan Keating “I think it’s a sense of realism, we know who we are, the way we were brought up. On the Irish side you’re not allowed to get too big for your boots, our Ma’s always gave us a clip around the ear and told us to keep our feet on the ground. We don’t take ourselves too seriously.”

On being away from family in Australia
Wippa “Is storm struggling not seeing the family?”
Ronan Keating “Yeah it’s been tough, luckily her mum was with us when Coco was born, she flew out from Australia just before lockdown. She was with us for six weeks and when she went back she had to quarantine in a hotel in Sydney for two weeks. It’s the way it should be, I understand that but we were really lucky that she was with us. We are actually with her uncle right now, in France staying in his Chateau”
Wippa And probably similar to how I’m feeling at home, how’s the chat around the vasectomy going? really well?”
Ronan Keating (Laughs) “yeah it’s going really well!”