Barbra Streisand called Donald Trump "mentally and morally unfit" during a virtual fundraiser for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Sunday.

The singer and actress was just one of the famous faces taking part in the event, titled Celebration for Change, which raised just over $760,000 (£583,000) for the presidential candidate's campaign.

While Streisand didn't perform during the evening's entertainment, she was responsible for delivering eight minutes of closing remarks, during which she seized the opportunity to blast the current leader.

"Let's face it, Trump is unfit, mentally and morally, to hold this distinguished office," she said. "A few weeks ago, Trump called out the troops against peaceful protesters. That is what cowards do when they are scared. Donald Trump has failed us. And we cannot survive four more years of his incompetence we're feeling right now. (Biden) will listen to people rather than greeting them with guns. All they want is justice. It's as simple as that."

Reminding viewers that Biden was part of Barack Obama's administration, she added: "He's the leader we need now."

Others who didn't hold back while blasting Trump included Kristin Chenoweth, who performed a satirical song which included lyrics mocking what the president thinks makes a person popular.

"I'll tell you what ties to wear. Maybe dye your hair. Everything that really counts to be popular. You're going to be popular. You see I'm adorable. A deplorable. Well Joe, you can be that too. Be like me, and let's turn all of those red states blue," she sang, taking inspiration from her character's song Popular in the hit stage musical Wicked.

Later, John Legend and Andra Day teamed up to perform a duet of Whitney Houston's Greatest Love of All, while Adam Lambert belted out a rousing rendition of Ready to Run.