Country music trio The Chicks have revealed their new social justice anthem March March was initially a lot longer than the four minutes it became.

The song features on The Chicks new album Gaslighter, the group's first since dropping the Dixie Chicks moniker amid the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests. In an interview with Music Week magazine, bandmember Emily Strayer delved into March March's political subject matter.

"We were just all riled up about what was on the news and how we were feeling with the state of the country and what it was we were passionate about," she reflected.

The group wrote the song after attending the March For Our Lives (a demonstration that prevents gun violence), Stayer explained: "So we were talking about that in the session, and that's where the march idea came up... But we didn't want to write three verses all about gun control, so we started talking about other things we were passionate about."

The track covers various topics, including women's rights and climate change.

Strayer has remained unconvinced that U.S. leaders are taking the necessary steps toward progress, and insisted: "There's so much to do (as a country) and we're just going back to undo the progress that's been made."

Singer Natalie Maines agreed, adding, "Once you go down that path, we could have had endless verses," and that the song could have been 25 minutes long.

"Like, where to begin? And we wrote that song over two years ago, so now we'd really have a lot of verses," she laughed.