Charli XCX is set to unveil a film documenting the making of her album How I'm Feeling Now while on lockdown.

6ft Apart will offer fans a glimpse into the singer's creative process as she developed the record, which became the first album to be released by a major artist during the health crisis, in May.

"It felt only natural to document myself making this album," Charli declared in a statement.

Reflecting that she hasn't ever made music in such a unique situation, Charli said she wanted to film the process of: "being so logistically far apart from my collaborators, but going through exactly the same thing, writing songs about my relationship with my boyfriend sitting in the next room, and being so connected to my fans in such an intense and creative way," which felt, "overwhelming and heartwarming all at the same time."

The star shared news of the album on 6 April and gave herself a 15 May deadline to finish the project.

She added, "Why not add to the pressure of making an extremely personal album within a five-week timeline by putting a load of cameras in my face and zooming in on my personality and insecurities too??! You know???"

The film, which currently has no release date set, is produced by Charli and marks the feature-length directorial debut of music video making duo Bradley&Pablo.