On her final episode of her takeover of Agenda, Ms Banks chats to none other than Jorja Smith about her love of Amy Winehouse, what she’s been doing in lockdown and more. Ms Banks also pays homage to Stormzy and celebrates this week’s cover star Ghetts.

Jorja Smith on her favourite Amy Winehouse track ‘F*ck Me Pumps’…

'I just love the lyrics in this, it’s hard. Amy’s just sick, she’s just sick. And this song, I love. I’m rubbish at explaining stuff, I just love this one. It’s cheeky, it’s a good one!'

'Oh my gosh! Okay… disclaimer - this is my favourite Amy Winehouse song. It could be the greatest song of all time, but she also has other songs that could be the greatest song of all time! But today, it’s "F Me Pumps”’.

Jorja Smith and Ms Banks on cooking in lockdown…

JS: 'Lockdown’s been good for me actually. This is the first time I’ve been in one place for longer than two weeks! I’ve needed this rest. Time to reset! I’ve just been cooking loads. I’ve cooked brown stew chicken every week because I’m trying to perfect it. That’s all I’ve been doing! I’ve actually begun to miss doing shows now but I’m glad to have had the rest. How have you found it?'

MB: 'I’ve been good as well. To be honest, I have been cooking a little bit more. But a little bit more on the healthy side. Tryna do some veggie things. I was just tryna be snatched in case we get summer back and it’s looking like things are easing up, so…'

Jorja Smith on the gym...

'You know what’s mad - there’s been no gym! I’m obsessed with the gym but I’ve actually realised it’s not that deep. We can work out at home. It’s actually calm.'

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