Ellie Goulding wore lingerie in her new music video so she could reclaim her sexuality.

The 33-year-old singer had previously discussed feeling exploited and treated as a sex object early on in her music career by producers, and she told British newspaper The Guardian that she purposefully chose to wear underwear in the video for her recent single Power to have control over her image.

"(I wore) stuff I wouldn’t dream of ever wearing in bed, because that s**t is uncomfortable! It was incredibly liberating," Ellie shared. "It wasn’t like I’d suddenly bloomed and become this sexual thing, I’d always been that.”

"But there’s a difference between being it because you felt that you had to be, and then being it because you truly feel it and you can embrace it," the Love Me Like You Do hitmaker added, noting that she's finally comfortable in her own skin.

Elsewhere in the interview, she opened up on her battle with anxiety which began when she released her third studio album, Delirium, in 2015.

"My anxiety was just crazy; I had impostor syndrome that just affected everything, and I couldn’t write about impostor syndrome because, obviously, anything I was writing was not good enough. It was debilitating," she explained.

She also touched upon her relationship with husband Caspar Jopling, who she wed in a star-studded ceremony in York last year, and said they met when she had finally realised she was happier being single.

"Women think they have to change themselves for somebody else. I would do it... It turns out that you don’t have to rely on someone else to be happy! This was a new thing for me," she shared. "Then I moved out to New York, and I met Caspar.”