Carly Pearce has expressed gratitude for quarantine as the coronavirus shutdown allowed her to reflect on her split from husband Michael Ray.

The Every Little Thing hitmaker appeared on Tuesday's episode of Lindsay Ell's YouTube show, Living wELL, and opened up about how she's coped with the alone time amid changes in her personal life.

"I will say that I am grateful for quarantine," Pearce shared, without directly referencing the collapse of her marriage.
The 30-year-old then asked rhetorically: "You know how fast our lives are, you know how easy it is to kind of tap into who we are as artists and kind of ignore our actual hearts and our actual lives and things like that?"

The singer went on to explain: "I feel like this is another time in my life where maybe I thought I had it all figured out and it very abruptly switched on me and I'm left going, 'Well, does this mean now? Why did this have to happen?'"
Despite the painful breakup, Pearce has remained positive about her future: "I am hopeful and excited for what the next chapter holds for me," she added.

The country stars announced they were separating in June after just eight months of marriage.