Duffy has urged Netflix bosses to use their influence "more responsibly" after slamming the movie 365 Days for "glamorising sex trafficking".

The Mercy singer, who recently disclosed her own experience of being kidnapped, drugged and raped, penned a letter to Reed Hastings, the CEO of Netflix, appealing for the streaming giant and production company to use its influence "more responsibly".

In the letter, she claims the Polish movie - about a woman who falls victim to a mafia boss, who imprisons her and gives her one year to fall in love with him - treats "the serious crime of kidnapping and sex trafficking" as "erotic entertainment".

"I encourage the millions who have enjoyed the movie to reflect on the reality of kidnapping and trafficking, of force and sexual exploitation, and of an experience that is the polar opposite of the glossy fantasy depicted," she wrote.
The singer urges the Netflix chief to commit the company's resources to creating content about the global problem of kidnapping and sex trafficking, which the United Nations calls a "grave violation of human rights".

Duffy closes her letter to Hastings with the statement, "When we know better, let us do better".

The British singer opened up about her horrifying experience in February (20), explaining that she hid away after an unidentified person drugged and raped her, before holding her captive - and released a comeback track, Something Beautiful, the following month.

Last month, the star debuted her second song since relaunching her career, sharing a piano ballad called River in the Sky on Instagram.