Ja Rule appears to have tricked 50 Cent into inadvertently promoting his forthcoming TV show Celebrity Show-Off.

The music star took to Instagram to share an ad for he made for a Greek deli in Los Angeles called Papa Cristo's, which quickly went viral. The commercial was boosted even more when 50 Cent, otherwise known as Curtis James Jackson III, commented on Twitter: "This what happens ... I'll have you and your whole label selling gyros (sic)."

Ja Rule and 50 Cent have a long history of feuds.

While 50 thought he'd got one over on his rival, Ja hinted he had the last laugh, adding a new post to his Instagram account revealed the commercial is part of a promo for his forthcoming TBS show, which premieres on Tuesday.

"I'm a marketing genius, and this is all working exactly how I wanted it to," he boasted to New York Post's Page Six. "I did this commercial on the TV show that I'm doing with Dwight Howard, Bella Thorne and Bruce Willis' daughters, all kinds of people... the premise of the show is we create our own TV shows within the show."

He explained: "So I took the small mom-and-pop shop called Papa Cristo's that was struggling during (the coronavirus pandemic) to help them out... I came up with this idea that I would do this silly-a**, cheesy '80s, '90s (style) commercial, and people will hate on it and try to clown me, and it will go viral, and of course it did. Half of it is for charity (No Kid Hungry), and Papa Cristo's gets a lot of free publicity."

Addressing 50, he added: "We're playing chess over here, not checkers."