Lady Gaga has praised the "brave individuals" who are standing up to racism in a passionate social media post.

The superstar took to Instagram on Wednesday to share details about the two advocacy organisations to which she has donated and urged her followers to contribute if they can.

"I applaud the brave citizens of this nation that are speaking up, and I support the unsupported voices of the Black community," she wrote. "I wish for their voices to be heard loudly and clearly, and that they feel loved and amplified by allies. I know you know how much I believe in kindness. "The spirit of this movement is intrinsically rooted in a universal dream of kindness and it's precisely that same kindness that I am wishing for those that are suffering tonight. I have endless compassion in my heart as we struggle as one nation to find bold and effective solutions to an insidious and systemic problem that's plagued our country since its birth.

"I encourage you to learn about the important work they do and how you can get involved. Black Lives Matter."

Referencing the death of African-American man George Floyd at the hands of white police officers on 25 May, the 34-year-old continued: "I hope that all cops who have engaged in or are engaging in any racist activity are met with the highest form of law & order, although we know the law & order in this country is predicated upon racism and is itself corrupt.

"We are once again witnessing the devastating and overwhelming evidence of police brutality and prejudicial responses from prosecutors and local officials. I also hope for the families of all Black lives who have been taken from us to see justice and healing though I believe many of us know we sadly cannot promise that."

Gaga donated to the Black Lives Matter organisation and the Loveland Foundation.