Jewel misses singing in front of a live audience, but has found performing for fans virtually "very satisfying".

The 46-year-old singer has been entertaining fans with regular concerts on her social media pages since the coronavirus lockdown began, and reflecting on the experience during an interview with CBS News, Jewel admitted having a live connection with her devotees has been powerful.

"I definitely miss an audience, it’s wonderful singing for an audience," she said. "But in lieu of an audience this has been very satisfying - to sing virtually for people. And because people can comment live, and I can see what they’re wanting and can see what they’re requesting, and because it doesn’t take a lot to... it’s funny, I get teary-eyed so quickly - it doesn’t take a lot to imagine what people are going through. People are scared, and terrified.

"We’re going to come out of this more anxious, more depressed, more pathologically afraid, or we’re going to come out of this more resilient, more resolved, to make meaningful changes in our life."

Jewel dropped her new tune Grateful in April, with her choosing to release it early in a bid to help people with their fears and concerns amid the health pandemic. And the reaction to the song, her first release in five years, has been extremely positive.

"This time in society is what really sort of called me out to do it," she smiled. "This is a really pivotal time for all of us - people are suffering. And so the record is really about reminding people that it’s safe to have feelings, we can live in our heart."