John Legend and Kanye West's friendship didn't break down due to the rapper's ongoing support for controversial U.S. leader Donald Trump, the singer has insisted.

The musicians used to be close friends and collaborators, but the two went through a rough patch after Kanye voiced his support for Donald Trump - who John can't stand.

However, in a new interview with Britain's The Times newspaper, the 41-year-old All of Me singer revealed that he and the Gold Digger rapper, 42, are still friendly with one another, but are just "doing our own thing".

"He's up in Wyoming. I'm here in L.A.. We've both got growing families and I no longer have a formal business relationship with him as an artist, so I think it's just part of the natural cycle of life," the star shared.

"But what I've always said is, we never talked about politics before," John added. "It was never a part of our interaction. Our interaction was almost always about creativity and music."

He continued: "He's also in a different place musically. He's doing gospel music. That's what he's focused on right now, designing his clothes, so we're in different places."