Rocker Travis Barker is spending a week songwriting with rapper Post Malone after teaming up for a virtual Nirvana tribute concert.

Post called on the Blink-182 drummer to be a part of his fundraising gig in late April, when they performed a string of classic Nirvana covers to entertain fans on lockdown and raise some cash for the United Nations Foundation's COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

Barker reveals they were first connected by songwriter and mutual friend Brian Lee, who had invited the percussionist to record the drums for a track he was preparing to showcase to Post, which led to his involvement in the charity livestream.

The two stars have since met up to work on more music, with Barker travelling to Salt Lake City, Utah to get his creative juices flowing for a week-long jam session with the Wow. hitmaker.

In a new interview with, Barker shared, "I'm going up to Salt Lake to just write for a week with him. Just jam and have fun."

The artists instantly hit it off when they joined forces for the coronavirus relief event, but Barker wasn't sure Post and Lee were serious about the whole idea when he was first approached about the online gig.

"I honestly thought (Lee) was joking 'cause the idea of driving to Salt Lake City, 'Really, are we gonna learn 20 Nirvana covers and really are we gonna figure out a way to livestream it?' So I was like, 'I'd love to, I love Post and I love you, so just tell me if it's actually serious.'

"We kept talking about it and they said they were serious and I should come out there in three days. So I was like, 'Whoa, this is really happening.'"

Barker ended up spending "the next three days learning 20 Nirvana songs", which he only rehearsed twice with Post before they went live.

"You can’t over-rehearse Nirvana songs or it loses its vibe," he explained. "So the whole vibe over there (with Post in Utah) has been very relaxed and just whatever happens happens."

The covers show was such a big success, they raised almost $3 million (£2.45 million) for coronavirus relief efforts.