Teyana Taylor was determined to celebrate the class of 2020 in her new Made It video after homeschooling meant she missed out on her own graduation.

The 29-year-old singer dropped the surprise new track last week, with the accompanying video showing her congratulating graduates via a Zoom call and celebrating on the stage in a mortarboard cap and gown.

And in an interview with MSNBC, Teyana explained the motivation for the video, admitting that she's always been bothered by the fact she never had a graduation of her own.

"I didn't get the chance to graduate and I wasn't even going through a pandemic, I was home schooled, so when it was time for me to graduate I was literally in Starbucks when I got my cap and gown," she said. "So I knew how it felt to not feel celebrated, or to not walk across the stage.

"Imagine going through a pandemic where you can't even leave the house, you can't even graduate in Starbucks if that was an option. So I wanted to do something for the class of 2020."

She added: "It was just about celebrating them and letting them know that no pandemic can dim the light, you made it. Especially putting in all those years of hard work and then to not be able to physically celebrate that - I know it's a lot."

Teyana also revealed that while she's "not bitter" about missing out on life at high school, she obtained a new outlook when she gave birth to her daughter Iman, who is now four.

"It bothered me even more once I had my daughter because it was like, I can't even tell you what to do, how to do it, how to get you ready for prom," she sighed. "You know, those special moments that we want as teenagers and young adults and different things like that. So I missed out on a lot of those things... It's just that, especially as a female, you want to experience those things you see on TV."