Last night on Nova’s Smallzy’s Surgery, Smallzy chatted to Mikey and Luke from 5 Seconds of Summer about whether the November Australian tour will go ahead, gardening to become self-sufficient, they thank Smallzy for sticking with them for 10 years and how far they’ve come during that time.

Massive question for the @5SOS boys - will their Aussie tour go ahead?

Michael said, “We definitely had the conversation of we might have to reschedule it, but we also just like have no idea, there is no gauge on anything. We wanted until the last minute to reschedule our shows in the UK and Europe. We are kind of keeping everything last minute to see what is going to be possible. It’s tough for artists to reschedule shows right now as everyone’s trying to do that. We are just kind of winging it and see what happens. You never know, in like April, literally a month ago people were like the shows are in November and December they will be absolutely 100% fine, you will be going ahead with those shows and then last week someone was like we might have to reschedule the Australian show, it changes…”

What are you doing in iso, Luke you look like a decorator

Luke said, “I actually went to a nursery today and bought a bunch of plants for the house, my girlfriend is super into it..…trying to be self-sufficient, and get like avocados trees and bananas and all of that super homey gardening stuff.”

They discussed that you move out you have to buy all these tools, Luke went on Amazon to buy a starter tool kit.

Mikey said, “My fiancé complains once a day about the grass at our house. In my whole life I’ve never talked about grass so much, I’ve never really had to think about grass…(when I lived at home) My dad would just mow the grass, I don’t know I never thought about it…”

The boys surprise Smallzy with a plaque to mark the 10 years he’s supported them

Smallzy discussed that it is the 35th interview he has done with 5SOS and it was the 10th anniversary of the band.

Mikey said, “We do have a surprise for you…The only person with a custom, custom plaque. We appreciate everything you have done for us and it’s truly always a pleasure talking to you, sticking with this longer than we have.”

Smallzy discussed that in the early days he was concerned if the band was going to go anywhere, they can’t even put a sentence together. They joked that in the early days they had their own language when communicating together.

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