Rod Stewart has left a student nurse in Wales stunned after sending her a $6,000 (£5,000) cheque to help her out following a serious battle with coronavirus.

The Maggie May hitmaker was so moved by video footage of Natasha Jenkins reuniting with her three children following a five-week stay at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff, where she had spent 22 days on a ventilator, he decided to get in touch with the COVID-19 survivor so he could send her a gift.

"My house phone rang one day, and it was a lady saying, 'I'm calling on behalf of Rod Stewart,'" the 35 year old told

"She said, 'I'm from his PR company. He'd like to send you something.'"

Jenkins was pleasantly surprised to receive the call, and two days later, she received an envelope containing a signed promotional picture of the veteran rocker - and the generous gift.

"I was like, 'Wow!' I was only expecting a card or something!" she exclaimed.

Jenkins, who is continuing her recovery from the virus at home, plans to hold on to the extra funds unless absolutely necessary.

"The money is just going to be put away until I need it really," she said. "There's not too much I can do at the moment but it's just one less worry isn't it, the money issues and everything. It's just so sweet."

Jenkins also shared a snap of the unexpected present on Facebook, showing off Stewart's personal, handwritten note, which read, "Hi Natasha, a small gift to help you through rough times".

It was captioned, "So the post has just been delivered. I've had a signed poster from Mr Rod Stewart.... And this..... I am absolutely gobsmacked and cannot believe how nice and generous he is."

Stewart has yet to comment on the act of generosity.