Courteney Cox is missing partner Johnny McDaid's "physical touch" amid the coronavirus lockdown.

The actress appeared on Ellen DeGeneres' Ellen At Home series on Thursday, and during the chat, spoke about how the Covid-19 pandemic has led to her and the Snow Patrol rocker being in lockdown in separate parts of the world.

Courteney revealed Johnny was on his way to Switzerland to write, and had to stop in England first, but then "then all of a sudden they called quarantine".

"I have not seen him for so long," she sighed. "We spend a lot of time on Facebook but I just miss his physical touch. This is hard."

Courteney also revealed she got closer to coronavirus than she would have liked, after some friends staying with her in Malibu contracted the Covid-19 virus after leaving for three days and then returning.

"In those three days, they both got Covid," the 55-year-old said. "One was completely asymptomatic and the other one, it took him down. He had symptoms, three days after that he was in the hospital on a ventilator, kidneys shut down... this a very young athletic guy... and his husband was completely asymptomatic."

He's now out of the hospital, which Courteney admitted was a "miracle".

And to keep herself entertained during the lockdown, the star has been catching up on old episodes of her hit TV show Friends. Reflecting on her favourite moments during the interview with Ellen, Courteney divulged that she especially loved watching herself as "fat Monica".

"I loved playing overweight Monica because I felt so free," she smiled. "I could dance, and just sit up and dance and have no problem at all. Those are really good episodes."