Born in New York on December 23rd 1999, Norman had a pretty frantic life waiting for him. As soon as he was born his family moved to Florence, Italy, and he grew up moving between Italy and Switzerland. Due to the rare Orphan disease, resembling muscular dystrophy, he suffered from a severe scoliosis and had to endure multiple spine surgeries crushing his dreams of being an AC Milan footballer.

Norman had varied interests as a kid, often switching from one hobby to another in order to find his own thing. When he finally moved to Geneva, Switzerland for college, he found his passion for rapping and singing. He began writing songs in Italian, then French and also English, just for fun. He realised that nobody in the rap game was mixing different languages in a single song.

Deciding to embrace diversity he gave it a go. He then posted the first two rap songs ever to be sung in three different languages by the same artist.

"Space", a song about his impossible love in the midst of a toxic relationship and the struggles to understand what love actually is, on November 20th 2019 and followed it up with "Temps", describing his attitude towards distractions and motivation to live every day as it was his last, on December 14th.

His path to success has started as he releases his first fully English song "No Soul" where he describes his fear of betrayal in an honest and straightforward manner.

All we can say is that by starting to post his songs from October last year, he has managed to accumulate more than 300 000 plays on Spotify alone, swapping from Italian to french in different styles and mixes.
Is this the future of international Hip-Hop? Only time will tell...

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