Americana star Bonnie Raitt has honoured her late friend and collaborator John Prine with a touching song tribute online.

The folk and country music icon passed away from coronavirus complications on Tuesday, and now Raitt has dedicated an at-home performance to the tragic 73 year old, after reflecting on her life in isolation in a bid to slow the spread of COVID-19.

In the special video, Raitt explains how she's found the silver lining during the global pandemic, as the forced downtime has allowed her to discover "surprise blessings" and "do all those things I always wished I could do if I had more time".

However, she notes to, "The reason we're doing this is heartbreaking, and I'm hoping that we're going to be coming out of this with lessons learned, and appreciating what we have.

"For those who aren't blessed to have a secure and safe home, and adequate medical care, and are worried about their economic future, and going through medical health crises, my heart is going out to you."

Raitt goes on to address the loss of her close pal, who she had just saluted with the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award earlier this year.

"I'm still so heartbroken over the loss of John Prine, and I know you are, too," she continues. "But I wanted to reach out and send my love, and wish you all the best, and tell you I'm thinking about you... Here we are, grateful to be here and looking at coming out of this wiser and more appreciative of each other."

She then begins to strum the opening notes of Karla Bonoff's Home on her guitar and dedicates the tune to Prine.
"God bless you, to that Angel from Montgomery," Raitt shares, referencing his 1971 track that she went on to cover. "This one's for John."