Born in 1998 and raised in Germany, Paul Asher is a singer-songwriter and live performer, who moved to the United Kingdom in 2018 after being successfully accepted to pursue his studies towards a BA Honours degree in Popular Music and Vocal Performance at the prestigious ‘Leeds College of Music’.

With a soulful take on Pop and RnB music, Paul has spent the last couple of months working in his debut single “Down for Your Love”, which was released on April 10th 2020 on all major platforms.

The song tells the story of two people, who used to be in love with each other, but the circumstances of their relationship didn’t allow the couple to work out. The single reflects on the “good times”, but also addresses issues of the relationship, such as indecision and hesitation. The essence of the song is to express the willingness to still love the other person, however not at just any price. Sonically it is influenced by sounds of old school RnB artists such as Ne-yo, Mario or Justin Timberlake.