The 70-year-old icon - who was born in Long Branch, New Jersey, back in September 1949 - is unknowingly helping to protect local residents during the pandemic, with people being asked to remain a distance of "one Springsteen" apart from each other amid the health crisis.

Alongside an image of Springsteen and a measuring tape, the New Jersey Twitter account said: "REMINDER: Keep AT LEAST one Springsteen of space between yourself and others (sic)"

However, some Twitter users have since observed that the music legend is, in fact, only 5'10' tall, rather than 6 ft as the concept suggests.

Meanwhile, Springsteen previously confessed he originally thought 'Born in the USA' was "too glib" to be a success.
The chart-topping star almost didn't include the iconic track on his seventh album and admitted he still has mixed feelings about the song.

He explained: "I remember at the time thinking, 'It's too glib.' I think I still think that.

"But at the same time, [E Street Band member] Stevie [Van Zandt] said, 'No no no man, it's about the band, the brotherhood of your band and your fans.' And at that time, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and I said, 'OK, let's put it on [the record].'

"We play it a lot, we've played it an awful lot ever since. But I was always a little frightened. The whole record, I always have mixed feelings about."